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FURminator® Long Hair deShedding Tool for Dogs


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Product Description

This grooming tool is for use on long and short-haired dogs and cats. It can reduce shedding up to 90% by quickly and easily removing undercoat and loose hair without sacrificing your pet's healthy topcoat. The stainless steel edge does not cut hair, it just gently pulls out the fluffy undercoat. The undercoat grows back after about 4-6 weeks.

Product Information
*Note: "Giant" size offering is not pictured.
Directions for User
For best results use the FURminator on a clean, completely dry coat. Gently pull the tool across the coat in the direction of the pet's hair growth. Use the tool like a hair brush and stroke across, up and away from your pet's skin. Use long, gentle strokes with the tool and avoid excessive strokes in the same area. All pets are different, but on an average size dog, if you use the tool for about 10-15 minutes once a week you can reduce shedding up to 90%.
Special Precautions
Do not use the FURminator if the fur has tangles or matting. Do not use the FURminator if there are sores, cuts bruises, abrasions or skin conditions. Do not use the FURminator on non-shedding breeds of dogs and cats. A few breeds that are typically not good candidates for treatment are poodles, shitzus, maltese, bichons, portuguese water dogs, and irish water spaniels.